Patch Notes 2023-10-02

We’ve been burning tons of that Ambrosian natural oil to cook up something special. So, without further ado, let’s jump into what this latest patch has in store for you.

Game Design:

  • We added an alert for when you are running low on stamina. No more surprise-exhaustion from now on
  • We continued our work on the deterioration system. The improved system should now help clean up these abandoned buildings on the map


  • We’ve changed the text popping up when a crafting station cannot be used in a town
  • Fixed an issue with the elite enemies and the Holotops’ lootable effect
  • We also fixed an issue that caused the inventory to take some time to load after joining the game
  • We improved the resolution drop down to only show resolutions that should work on your monitor setup

3D, Level Design, and Animations:

  • We have submitted the forge and bellow extra assets; Tier 1 and Tier 2 now have a new look
  • And another one: We added the new woodworking benches, so their look also got an update
  • And another one! After this, we’re done, I promise. We’ve also added new settings for the cooking stations. They now have a new look, too

Old Cooking Stations will still look the same, but if you place a new one it will have the new look. We did this change because the new cooking station is a bit larger than the old one.

We can’t wait to hear how these tweaks affect your experience. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts; we’ll see you in the game!

Your Blankhans Team

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