Settlers’ Dawn

Patch Notes, 2023-02-01

With more and more Coreborn sent out to reclaim the Nations, new towns emerge all over the kingdom of Ambros. Small settlements where some find their forever homes, huge organized camps with clearly mapped out plans and constant expansion going on, and those are which just an outpost for the next steps ahead. Towns stand as centers of activity and collaboration.

Settlers’ Dawn with some helpful Jibblings

But not only the communities of those extending the territory of the nations grow. As town expand in size and wealth, new expansion towers rise and mark the Coreborn’s claim on the land. With new technology and constant progress, these beacons of hope are more than just structures: they represent progress, unity, and the ambitions of those living within their borders.

Settlers’ Dawn with Metal housing

But as responsibilities amass, things to consider increase and the demands of maintaining a growing community rise, keeping up might become a struggle. But worry not! Amid this growth, Coreheim has sent their help: Responding to the calls of those Coreborn in need of support, they founded the Jibbling Maintenance System.

Through this collaboration of Coreborn, Coreheim, and diligent Jibblings, your town’s charm and functionality can be preserved. If you treat them nicely and pay them in the necessary resources, of course.

Settlers’ Dawn

And this may very well be needed, since the forces of Sorgoth never rest and have been scheming in the background while you, Coreborn, pushed your own plans further. Corruption has evolved, and its grip on the creatures of Sorgoth has become stronger, putting your towns at even greater risk than before. So grab your sword, gather your members, and fend off the improved town attacks with your new combat skills!

The Settlers’ Dawn update embraces this pulsating, ever-changing life and enhances your town’s life to fortify the bonds of community and defense.


Town Member Management

We’ve introduced a new system where you can take on different roles within your town! There are four roles: Mayor, Admin, Member, and Guest. Each role has its own set of rights and actions.

  • Mayor – Owns the town, has all rights. There can only be one owner / Mayor
  • Admin – Functions similarly to Mayor, just doesn’t own the town
  • Member – Regular member with the ability to accept guests
  • Guest – Has access to limited, non-impactful actions

Depending on your role, you can do different things in the town, like promoting others, adding crystals, or removing people. As an Admin, you have the authority to demote Members or promote Guests. If the Mayor isn’t active for a while, the game will automatically promote the most active and highest-ranking Member to be the new Mayor.

Town Expansions

We’ve added new Expansion towers that can expand the town’s radius even better and enhance the overall town expansion experience. No worries! Existing Town expansions remain valid. We highly encourage you to get rid of the old ones and try out the new ones to avoid potential conflicts in the future.  Successfully building an expansion tower will expand the town border. The expansion tower will have its own radius, and it will connect to nearby expansion towers and/or the town center, creating a straight connection between the borders.

  • No longer a circle overlap
  • Greater expanse of expansions
  • Visibility of how close other towns are (arrows)
  • Visibility of how close other extensions are + Town Center highlighted

Jibbling Maintenance System

We’re rolling out the new Jibbling Maintenance System – the JMS – so you can make sure your town stays in top-notch shape. The current deterioration system will still stay in place for a while and we’re running both systems simultaneously to ensure a smooth transition. 

The JMS is like having your own magical maintenance team of Jibblings! We really want your feedback on how it feels compared to the previous deterioration system.

  • You can now distribute materials to Jibblings to prevent your town from deteriorating. As your town levels up, you’ll unlock access to new materials that you can contribute
  • The system now indicates the current duration of protection and the maximum allowable protection based on your town’s level
  • Next to each material, you’ll see the time protection it provides per item contributed. For example:
    • (1) Lightwood = 30 mins of protection
    • (6) Lightwood = 3 hours of protection

Town Building

We’re excited to introduce several enhancements to town building mechanics, aimed at providing a smoother and more intuitive building experience. These adjustments include improved accessibility to blueprints, adjustments to material requirements, and various quality-of-life improvements to streamline the building process. 

  • You can now pin recipes for building pieces, making it easier to access your favorite blueprints. This also works for Crafting!
  • We’ve lowered the town level required for PBS materials, allowing you to access them sooner:
    • Lightwood: Level 1 (unchanged)
    • Stone: Level 1 (previously Level 5)
    • Shrivelwood: Level 5 (previously Level 10)
    • Granite: Level 5 (previously Level 15)
    • Darkwood: Level 10 (previously Level 20)
    • Metal: Level 10 (previously Level 30)
  • Some ingredients, like bricks, are now accessible with lower level workstations to accommodate unlocking PBS materials sooner
  • You can no longer stack defense structure building pieces (e.g., Palisades) on top of each other for improved gameplay balance.
  • Workstations will now drop down (like storage does) if the foundation is destroyed, ensuring smoother gameplay.
  • Visual indicators around PBS pieces to help align direction during construction.
  • New scaling system and the ability to hide your character for improved visibility while building. You are able to scale down (not scale up). Please note that not all building pieces are scalable. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • Moving/Copying keys are now rebound to Q/F for easier use.
  • Introducing new planks for more building options
  • Added more snapping points and improved snapping behavior (feedback appreciated)
  • Increased town area height
  • Improved destruction effects

Town Attack Improvements

We have reworked the town gates to increase Town Attack challenges and improve creature spawning. Note: All town gates will have to be replaced, but don’t worry – the maintenance Jibblings are on the case and helping you out by destroying your existing gates!

  • You can now have multiple town gates for entry points, with limitations based on distance to the town center and other town gates
  • Improved spawn behavior for town attacks and creatures
    • Creatures spawn on multiple gates if present, with a rectangle visual around the gate.
  • Improved town pathing with fewer messages.
  • Building Pieces affect Town Attacks now differently
  • Implemented a no-build zone between the two pillars of the gate to avoid conflicts during town attacks and respawns

Combat 2.0 – First Pass

We’re thrilled to introduce the first Pass of our Combat 2.0 experience, a massive overhaul that brings exciting changes and improvements to the lands of Ambros!

  • Introducing a Chain system, combining Light and Heavy attacks for seamless combos.
  • Dash Attacks with both Light and Heavy variations
  • Enjoy smoother and more responsive movement with our improved Dashing mechanic.
  • Lock onto your target with the new Lock-On System (Tab). 
  • Removed Finishers & Finisher Gauge for now 
  • We have added new VFX, animation and Sound Effects with the new combat experience
  • We’ve introduced a new dash animation outside of combat.
  • Improved player model behavior with smoother animation transitions depending on the 

Creature & Bandits Changes

  • Get ready to face the challenge once again — Elite Feydveer Veerking is back!
  • Bandits now spawn in smaller, more manageable groups.
    • Inside the Forest we try to keep ‘random’ encounters below 2
    • Pot throwers should not spawn in pairs anymore
    • Greatswords  should not spawn in groups larger than 2
  • Updated visual effects for nocturnal creature attacks
  • Nerfed health & damage stats on greatsword & pot thrower bandits by ~10%
  • Nerfed health & damage stats on captain bandit by ~15%
  • Made it easier to stagger captain and increased stagger recovery timer from 7 to 15 seconds
  • Increased initiative times on all bandits
  • Increased timer for opportunity attack on all bandits
  • Adjusted Creature spawn cooldowns
    • Generic to 5 minutes
    • Regular bandits to 7 minutes
    • Captain bandit to 10 minutes
    • Elite creatures to 15 minutes
  • Cooldown between attacks increased on captain & pot throwers
  • Opportunity attack cooldown slightly increased for all bandits

User Interface and Controls:

  • Improved Town Menu updating without requiring closure and reopening.
  • Enhanced slider responsiveness for smoother adjustments
  • Added new crafting station icons 


  • Doubled Fluorescent Spores drop rate in Moonstone

Bug Fixes

  • Certain items can no longer be moved with players on top it to prevent potential issues
  • Fixed occasional issues after login, including blocked actions and camera zooming
  • Changed green foliage in the mountains vendor to white for improved aesthetics
  • Addressed various stability issues and session confirmation failures
  • fixed an issue where the player light wouldn’t illuminate the own player but other players
  • Crafting stations now properly register to the new town after rebuilding the town center
  • fixed issue where it was possible to copy building pieces even if you didn’t have the recipe unlocked
  • Workstations are now affected by gravity and no longer get destroyed when they lose stability they just drop to the ground
  • Increased the size of coal fleurs to improve mining accessibility.
  • Fixed various issues with AI behavior and interaction with building pieces.
  • Fixed stability values for Shrivelwood and metal to match default settings.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, and if you have something to say, let us know on our Discord! Thank you; have fun!

– Your Blankhans Team

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